Welcome to Thunder Ridge Kettle Corn.
Thank you for visiting our website! Thunder Ridge Kettle Corn has created there own recipe for their hand popped kettle corn concession business located in Cecil County, Maryland. 
Our business strives in giving our customers the freshest made kettle corn at an affordable price and treat our customers like we would want to be treated. A portion of our proceeds from our kettle corn events are donated to charity.
We use 100 % Mazola corn oil which is cholesterol free and heart healthy.
Have NO Peanuts in our regular kettle corn. 
We add sugar and lightly salt our popcorn for the 
great taste of Kettle corn. Also Offer, 

French Toast (cinnamon & sugar)
Favorite Colors
Caramel Apple
Extra Sweet
Blue Raspberry
Many others......

    Thunder Ridge Kettle Corn
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